“You go to see what will happen.”

“Sometimes a journey arises out of hope and instinct, the heady conviction, as your finger travels along the map: Yes, here and here… and here. These are the nerve-ends of the world…”

Azerbaijan (Original by Nazish Zafar)

Lahij: one of the oldest human settlements in Azerbaijan

“A hundred reasons clamour for your going. You go to touch human identities, to people an empty map. You have a notion that this is the world’s heart. You go to encounter the protean shapes of faith. You go because you are still young and crave excitement, the crunch of your boots in the dust; you go because you are old and need to understand something before it’s too late. You go to see what will happen.” (Colin Thubron in “Shadows of the Silk Road“)

Writing Tip #2: Reading can lubricate the channels of writing and expression. If you aren’t feeling inspired, or the words can’t seem to pour out as easily as you wish, then pick up a story, and immerse in the imagination it inspires. 


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